Michigan Couple’s “Novel” Approach to Saving Their Home from Foreclosure

Place this heartwarming story under the category “All is not lost when foreclosure looms,” and hopefully it might provide some ideas for those facing foreclosure but aren’t anywhere near giving up on their dream home.

The below video is from a CBS news feature that relates the experience of a Michigan couple with five children who, just last year, faced the prospect of losing their home:

Jack and Jasinda Wilder said they were days away from foreclosure last summer following the illness of one of their children. Jack left a teaching program in order to take care of his son, and shortly thereafter, Jasinda — who was a music and theater teacher — learned that some art programs had been cut at her school, including those she taught.

The couple discovered they couldn’t continue to make their $1,200 a month mortgage payments on their home outside of Detroit and, in fact, they were within 30 days of foreclosure. Jasinda said they couldn’t exactly show up at their folks’ front doors with a family of seven and ask to sleep on the couch.

So they began researching self publishing. They checked out all of the books on the best seller list to get an idea of what it is readers want to read. Then Jasinda sat down at her computer and wrote “Big Girls Do It Better,” a romance eBook that miraculously sold 500 copies within its first 24 hours online.

That’s when the Wilders knew they were onto something big. Both began writing and within six months, they’d published 20 titles online, earning more than enough to continue making those $1,200 house payment. With each book, sales continued to climb, and by spring of this year, an eBook called “Falling Into You,” was on the New York Times Best Seller List. Then it reached No. 1 on Amazon.

They said it costs them about a thousand dollars to put out a book and they’re currently making $100,000 a month. Within that first year, the couple sold more than a million eBooks.

The Wilders told CBS they continue to live in their home, making their mortgage payments on time and even splurging for a play set in the backyard for their kids. And they continue to be grateful.

“We’re grateful and humble and we know what a miracle this is,” said Jasinda.

For families facing foreclosure, the takeaway from this story might be to continue exploring every avenue at your disposal to avoid losing your home. Look for options that you might not have thought of before viewing this rags-to-riches news feature. The expression, “Think outside the box,” is overused these days, but the point is, there might be ways to discover revenue or viable resources in the most obscure places.

The Wilders penned steamy novels to pull themselves out of a housing bind. Are there skills or talents that you can take advantage of and use to contribute to a solution to your financial situation?

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