According to news reports,

more than seven million homes are delinquent and in some stage of foreclosure. Here at Property Solutions of Michigan, we’re of the opinion that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Our six decades of combined experience in real estate tells us that there’s a significant unrealized value in non-performing loans.

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We’re a real estate

investment firm that offers its clients three products and three products only. First, we sell re-performing loans, which are non- performing loans that we’ve rehabilitated. We also sell real estate-owned (REO) properties that we possess, rehab and then offer for purchase. And we resell pools of nonperforming loans.

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If you currently own or have

recently purchased Michigan assets, but you don’t have a team of professionals in place to manage these high-touch nonperforming Michigan notes effectively, we’d like the opportunity to show you what we do best.

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Stories about hapless

borrowers faxing necessary papers 25 times or more to large banks, only to be asked to do so a 26th time. That doesn't happen here! We're an experienced team of investors with a personal interest in Michigan and, more important, a huge amount of compassion for those who are facing foreclosure on their homes or bankruptcy.

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The Real Estate market

remains unpredictable for the foreseeable future, there are incredible opportunities available for both sellers and buyers of nonperforming loans. Not sure what a nonperforming loan is or why owning one make sense, especially in these times?
You've come to the right place.

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Nonperforming Loans 101

Nonperforming loans aren’t that complicated. Here’s everything you need to know and more:

• Understanding Nonperforming Loans

• Investing in Nonperforming Loans

• Buying Nonperforming Loans

• FAQs

Meet The Team

Property Solutions of Michigan is a socially conscious real estate investment firm. By working with investors to buy nonperforming notes, rehabilitate them, and then sell them, we help stabilize the Michigan economy and keep families in their homes.